Roundup Lawsuit Attorneys

There are now more than 130,000 cases alleging that the popular weedkiller Roundup causes cancer and other illnesses. Many of these cases have settled, but people are still suffering severe diseases and other health effects from Roundup exposure. It might be years before the effects of Roundup exposure show up, and anyone exposed to this potentially deadly chemical has the right to seek compensation for their injuries.

If you or someone in your family developed cancer or another illness after regularly using Roundup, we can help you pursue compensation for what you’ve been through. Our legal team has helped many plaintiffs with product liability claims and can represent you in a Roundup lawsuit. Though the company that makes Roundup has settled many claims recently, those with fresh claims may still be able to recover compensation. Call us today or visit our contact page for a free consultation.

Roundup Lawsuit Attorneys

There have been thousands of lawsuits against Monsanto, the company that initially developed Roundup, and its new owner, Bayer. These claims allege that Monsanto knew or should have known that glyphosate, the active ingredient in Roundup, is a carcinogen (meaning it causes cancer) and did not warn the public of the potential dangers of using its product.

Many Roundup claims were consolidated into a class action lawsuit filed in 2018. In June 2020, Bayer said it would pay $10 billion to settle thousands of Roundup claims. That settlement includes a $1.25 billion fund for future Roundup claims.

While many Roundup lawsuits have settled, some cases have gone to trial, and others are still pending. In one case out of California, a jury awarded a former school groundskeeper almost $300 million in damages. Though the jury award was reduced after appeals, the courts have consistently upheld the original verdict. In its decision on the most recent appeal, the First District Court of Appeal said Monsanto’s actions demonstrated that it “acted with a conscious disregard for public safety.”

What Cancers Are Linked to Roundup?

The main type of cancer linked to Roundup exposure is Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. According to the American Cancer Society, Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma is a cancer that affects the body’s white blood cells, which help fight infections as part of the immune system. Symptoms of Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma include:

There have also been claims that Roundup exposure can cause other types of cancer, including:

While Monsanto and Bayer continue to say Roundup is safe, it’s worth noting that Bayer announced it would stop selling the weedkiller for residential use in 2023.

Who Can Join the Roundup Lawsuit?

The easiest way to tell if you qualify for a Roundup lawsuit is if you regularly used it and developed cancer or another severe illness. The same is true if someone in your family regularly used Roundup and got sick. However, proving a link between Roundup exposure and your illness can be difficult. A Roundup lawsuit attorney can help you find evidence that could prove your claim, such as:

If you aren’t sure whether you qualify for a Roundup lawsuit, talk to an attorney. A Roundup lawyer can look at your case and tell you whether you have a valid claim.

What Compensation Could I Recover?

Plaintiffs across the country have won significant compensation for Roundup-related illnesses. Depending on the facts of your case, your compensation could include money for:

How a Lawyer Can Help

Our Roundup lawyers’ goal is to simplify the legal process as much as possible for those who have fallen victim to Roundup’s effects. Some of the ways our Roundup attorneys can help with your case include:

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