Paraquat Lawsuit

Agricultural workers face many risks in their jobs, but becoming ill by simply spraying chemicals shouldn’t be one of them. Unfortunately, research suggests long-term exposure to Paraquat, a popular herbicide that many agricultural workers use routinely, may cause Parkinson’s disease and other illnesses. In response, workers in multiple states have filed lawsuits against the makers of Paraquat and others involved in selling or marketing it.

If you developed Parkinson’s or another illness after exposure to Paraquat, our product liability lawyers could help you pursue compensation for your medical bills and other losses. Class actions and mass tort claims like the ongoing Paraquat lawsuits are one of our firm’s core practice areas, and we know what it takes to hold a negligent corporation accountable. We can take care of everything while you focus on your medical treatment and other matters. Call us today or visit our contact page for a consultation.

What Is the Paraquat Lawsuit?

Multiple lawsuits are pending around the country based on Paraquat-related injuries and illnesses. These actions allege that the makers of Paraquat and others involved in selling or marketing it knew their product could cause severe illnesses after prolonged exposure and hid the danger from the public. If this claim is true, the companies involved in making, marketing, and distributing Paraquat may be liable for injuries or illnesses caused by long-term exposure. Most Paraquat lawsuits are still in the early stages, so you have time to act and protect your rights if you developed an illness because you used Paraquat.

Because there are many claims against the makers of Paraquat in multiple states, the federal court system has transferred cases from multiple districts to one federal judge in Illinois. This process is called multi-district litigation (MDL) and benefits plaintiffs because it’s more efficient. It’s also more convenient for the parties and reduces the burden on federal courts.

What Illnesses Does Paraquat Cause?

Multiple studies have linked Paraquat exposure to an increased risk of developing Parkinson’s disease. In 2011, researchers at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) found that people with prolonged exposure to Paraquat were about 2.5 times more likely to develop Parkinson’s than people who didn’t use the herbicide. A 2018 study from the University of Guelph found similar results. It’s also worth noting that the EPA has banned Paraquat for residential use, while many countries have banned it entirely, including Britain and the entire European Union.

While Parkinson’s is one of the most widely reported illnesses related to Paraquat exposure, plaintiffs in these cases have reported other injuries and illnesses as well, including:

Who Can Join a Paraquat Lawsuit?

If you were an agricultural worker, a licensed Paraquat applicator, or someone who lived near farmland sprayed with Paraquat, and you developed symptoms, you could be eligible to join the lawsuit. If you or someone in your family developed Parkinson’s disease after prolonged exposure to Paraquat, you likely qualify for a lawsuit. However, Parkinson’s is not the only illness or injury people have suffered due to Paraquat exposure. If you’ve used Paraquat for an extended period and have other symptoms, you could be eligible to join a lawsuit. These symptoms may qualify:

If you have questions about qualifying for a Paraquat lawsuit, talk to an attorney. There’s no harm in seeking legal advice, and a Paraquat lawyer can evaluate your case and tell you your potential options.

What Compensation Could I Recover?

Paraquat-related illnesses and injuries can have devastating effects on those exposed to the chemical and their families. Our Paraquat lawyers can help you pursue compensation for:

Talk to a Paraquat lawyer for more information on your claim’s potential value.

How a Lawyer Can Help

Product liability claims against massive corporations require legal resources many firms do not have. If you qualify, our Paraquat lawyers can handle your case by:

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