Hair Straightener Lawsuit

If you’ve received a diagnosis of cancer or another medical condition linked to regular use of hair straightener products, you could be eligible for compensation for your medical expenses and other losses.

Chemical hair straighteners use chemical reactions and heat to break down bonds in hair to straighten it. Although chemicals can permanently straighten hair, people must repeat treatments as their hair grows out because new hair retains a person’s original texture. Hair straightening products contain chemicals suspected of increasing a person’s risk of developing cancer or other health problems.

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What Is the Hair Straightener Lawsuit?

Over the past year, women across the U.S. have been filing lawsuits against manufacturers of hair straightener products following a study by the National Institutes of Health published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute. The study found an increased risk of uterine cancer in women who used chemical hair straighteners more than four times per year.

Other studies have found potential links between hair straighteners and other medical conditions such as endometriosis, uterine fibroids, and breast cancer. Black women had some of the highest risks of developing cancer or other health complications from hair straighteners, as researchers found that Black women used hair straightening products more frequently than other demographics.

Although medical studies did not specifically identify any manufacturers’ products as causing an increase in the risk of cancer, plaintiffs have filed lawsuits against some of the largest manufacturers of hair straightening products, including:

The federal courts have consolidated many hair straightener lawsuits into multidistrict litigation in the Northern District of Illinois. A multidistrict litigation conducts one consolidated pre-trial proceeding for lawsuits asserting substantially identical claims. After the pre-trial, bellwether trials of several cases will occur that test the strength of the plaintiffs’ claims. After those trials, individual plaintiffs’ cases return to their home districts for trial.

Plaintiffs in hair straightener lawsuits have alleged that defendants defectively designed their products with chemicals the defendants knew to be hazardous or toxic due to their ability to disrupt hormones. However, they continued to sell the products and failed to warn the public of the risks of using these products.

What Cancers Are Linked to Hair Straightening Products?

Medical studies have frequently linked an increased risk of uterine or breast cancer to the regular use of hair straightening products. The most significant risk is linked to using products more than four times per year or at least every five to eight weeks. Researchers have identified various endocrine-disrupting chemicals in many brands of hair straightening products as the cause of the increased cancer risk. Those chemicals include phthalates, parabens, bisphenol A, formaldehyde, and diethylhexyl phthalate (DEPH).

Other medical conditions potentially linked to the use of hair straightening products include:

Who Can Join the Hair Straightener Lawsuit?

Any woman who has regularly used hair straightener products at any point in the past and has received a diagnosis of uterine or breast cancer, uterine fibroids, endometriosis, or other health conditions linked to the endocrine-disrupting chemicals in hair straighteners might have a claim against manufacturers of the products they’ve used.

You can learn more about your eligibility to file a claim or join an ongoing hair straightener lawsuit by talking to an experienced lawyer. You should gather and bring copies of receipts of purchases of hair straightener products and your medical records to your initial meeting. Your attorney can review the circumstances of your case with you and determine whether you could file a lawsuit to pursue compensation for your losses.

What Compensation Could I Recover?

When you’ve suffered a medical condition linked to using hair straightener products, you could have the right to file a claim or lawsuit to recover compensation for your illness-related injuries and losses. A financial recovery in a hair straightener lawsuit may include money for your:

How a Lawyer Can Help

A lawyer can help you pursue compensation if you’ve suffered harm from using hair straightening products. Manufacturers of hair straighteners will aggressively defend against claims, arguing that any illness or medical complications you’ve suffered occurred due to something other than using hair straightening products.

A hair straightener lawsuit attorney will fight to recover the compensation you need for your medical care and losses by:

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If you have received a diagnosis of uterine cancer, breast cancer, or other types of cancer or medical conditions such as uterine fibroids after regularly using hair straightener products, call a lawyer today. You may have the right to pursue a legal claim to recover compensation for your medical expenses and other financial or personal losses.

Contact a hair straightener lawsuit attorney to discuss your legal options for filing a lawsuit or joining an ongoing multidistrict litigation against manufacturers of hair straighter products. Don’t wait. Pursue the money you need for your recovery.