Fire-Foam Lawsuit

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Fire departments, the military, and other industries frequently use Aqueous Film Forming Foam, or AFFF, to extinguish fires. However, research indicates that AFFF contains per- and polyfluoroalkyl (PFAS) chemicals, sometimes called “forever chemicals,” linked to numerous cancers. PFAS chemicals are highly toxic and can remain in the environment and the human body indefinitely.

Firefighters nationwide are filing lawsuits after being exposed to AFFF and developing cancer and other health issues. If you or someone in your family was diagnosed with cancer or a serious illness after handling fire foam or drinking water contaminated by it, our attorneys could help. We have experience advocating for the rights of people exposed to the harmful chemicals in AFFF. Our attorneys can seek compensation for the medical bills, lost wages, and other losses you incurred due to your illness. Call us today or visit our contact page for a free case review.

What Is the Fire-Foam Lawsuit?

Firefighters often use AFFF to put out particularly heavy fires caused by jet fuel, gasoline, or other highly flammable fuel sources. When mixed with water, AFFF forms a thin layer of film that cuts off the oxygen supply to the fire, thereby preventing the fire from re-igniting. However, AFFF contains toxic PFAS chemicals, which remain in the human body indefinitely. People exposed to these chemicals are at a high risk of developing certain cancers and other significant health problems. Firefighters are not the only ones exposed to AFFF. Others who may have been exposed to the forever chemicals in AFFF include:

The fire-foam lawsuits allege that the companies that make AFFF knew about the potential risks posed by exposure to the foam and kept this information from consumers, thereby causing them considerable harm. These lawsuits seek to hold these companies accountable for the illnesses resulting from AFFF exposure.

What Cancers Are Linked to Fire-Foam?

Studies have demonstrated a link between the dangerous chemicals found in fire foam and severe illnesses. Exposure to these forever chemicals can increase a person’s risk of developing several kinds of cancer, including:

Illnesses from fire-foam exposure are a particular concern for present and past members of the military, as military bases have used fire foam to fight fuel fires for decades. According to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, some other health conditions linked to PFAS exposure include:

Who Can Join the Fire-Foam Lawsuit?

If you or someone in your family worked as a firefighter and was diagnosed with cancer or another severe illness, talk to a lawyer immediately. Other groups that may develop cancer due to AFFF exposure include the following:

Talk to an attorney if you’re unsure whether you can join the fire-foam lawsuit. A lawyer can review your case and determine whether you should take legal action.

What Compensation Could I Recover?

Fire-foam lawsuits nationwide are still pending, so it’s impossible to guarantee the compensation that could be recovered. However, if you developed cancer or another serious illness after exposure to AFFF, you could be entitled to seek compensation for the following:

How a Lawyer Can Help

Winning a fire-foam lawsuit requires an extensive understanding of the law, considerable resources, and experience holding large corporations accountable. When you hire our lawyers to represent you in a fire-foam lawsuit, you can rest assured that we will zealously advocate for your rights and pursue the compensation you deserve. Our attorneys can help your case by:

Our Fire-Foam Lawsuit Attorneys Are Ready to Fight for You

If you or a loved one developed cancer or another illness after exposure to AFFF, you deserve to pursue justice and compensation for the harm you have suffered. Our fire-foam lawsuit attorneys are prepared to advocate for your rights and seek the financial relief you need for medical expenses, lost wages, and other losses. You don’t have to face this difficult time alone. Contact our office today for a free consultation with our fire-foam lawsuit lawyers.